Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy:

Timing. Your Device must be received by Give Back Phones within thirty (30) days after the date you complete the checkout process on the Website. If the Device is not received by Give Back Phones within (30) days, the Offer price will be null and void. If Devices are received by Give Back Phones after (30) days, you will be contacted via e-mail with a Revised Offer at the current value for the Device.

Materials.  Give Back Phones provides free shipping kits to our Sellers.  It is however, your responsibility to ensure that the Device(s) are properly packaged to avoid damage during transit.

Liability. Give Back Phones is not liable or responsible for lost, stolen or damaged Device(s) during shipping. Although Give Back Phones will provide you with a free prepaid shipping kit to send your Device(s) to the Company’s facility, any loss or damage during transit, either to or from Company’s facility, is your responsibility. If you wish to insure your package, insurance must be purchased by you at your sole expense.

Return Shipping. In the event you receive a Revised Offer and you reject that Revised Offer, Give Back Phones will return your device free of charge, with the exception of the receipt of a stolen or counterfeit Device(s).  The company also reserves the right at all times to determine whether an abuse to our system and services has been made for any reason. If we determine an abuse to our system has occurred, we will not provide free return shipping. Any sale by a customer that has been deemed as abuse will be responsible for the cost of having their item returned to them. As with all sales, only those items that have an error in submission will be eligible to be returned. Abuse of our system may include, but is not limited to: a significant change in the condition of an item, submitting an item as a clearly different model, or submitting an item as a working item when it is clearly broken.

Return Policy:

Any item that matches the original quote or greater cannot be returned to you, and in the case of sales with multiple items we will only return the items that have been re-priced.  Re-pricing occurs when there is a discrepancy between what is specified and the product received.  In the event Give Back Phones recalculates the offer it provided for the Product after it has been received and inspected for Trade-In by our technicians, as described above, you shall have the option of accepting or rejecting the new offer. If you accept the new offer, you will be paid in normal course and in accordance with these service terms. If you reject the new offer, Give Back Phones will return the Product to you at the address from which it was originally sent. Give Back Phones will give you a period of five (5) days after Give Back Phones presents you with a recalculated offer via email at the address you provided to accept or reject the new offer (the "New Offer Period").  However, if the new offer is neither affirmatively accepted nor rejected by you during the New Offer Period, the new offer will be deemed to have been accepted by you and you will be paid the new offer price in the normal course and in accordance with these service terms. For the avoidance of doubt, your acceptance of the original offer and/or any new offer is final and you may not change your mind later about accepting such offers.  If you want your item back for any reason, we are not responsible for any accessories, including chargers, external shells, casings or protective layers on your item(s).