How Does Give Back Phones Work? 

It’s fast and easy! Go to our homepage and select the matching device you would like to sell. Answer a few simple questions and a quote will be generated. Accept the quote and complete the short checkout process. Place the shipping label provided on the front of the bubble mailer. Place your device in the bubble mailer and seal it. Drop the box into your mailbox or at any USPS location. As soon as we receive and process your device, YOU GET PAID!


Need Help Throughout The Process?

Below is a set of instructions that will help guide you through the process.

1. Click on the kind of device you would like to sell on (ie. iPhone, Samsung, Other Smartphone, etc). Please do NOT select an item if it does not match your item exactly. Also, if your item does not appear on our website, we do not accept it. Please do not send us anything we do not accept.
2. Once you've found your item, you will be asked to answer a few simple questions so we can tell you how much your device is worth.
3. To accept the quote, click the “Accept Offer” button and complete the checkout process.
4. Shipping is FREE! Place the device in the bubble mailer that was sent to you. 
5. Once we receive your device, we will process it and send you payment.

Please note: If the device you send us does not match the condition you described, we will notify you via email and you will be given a revised offer. You will have 7 days to either accept or decline the offer. If you chose to decline the offer, we will send your item back to you free of charge.